Hair Styles for Little Girls

As a parent, there are a few important things that you should consider when styling your young daughter’s hair. You must consider the length of the hair, the activity that your daughter will be participating in, and the time you have to do the hairstyle.

Hair Length.

There are different hair styles for different hair lengths. For short hair it looks cute to do little pig tails or a half up half down look. For medium and long hair braids are a great option. There are many different types of braids and many different looks that you can do with braids making them a very versatile hair style.


It is always a good idea to decide how to style your daughter’s hair based on what activity she is doing. For any sort of athletic activities, do your daughter a favor and put her hair up. Whether you put it in a bun, pony tale, or pig tales, put her hair up. This will allow her to have fun without her hair getting in the way. For all other activities, get creative! For school you could clip back her hair with a cute hair clip or bow. When going to a play date braids are a great option because her hair will be back, but she won’t be super active so they won’t fall out. For special events doll your little girl up! Girls loved to have their hair curled, plus it looks adorable when little girls have curled hair.


As a parent, you know that time management is everything. Some hairstyles can take longer than others, so make sure whichever hairstyle you pick fits into the amount of time that you have for that day. If you know mornings are always rushed and the only time you can do her hair is in the morning, stick with a simple and quick hairstyle like a pony tale. On days when you have more time french braids might be an option. Try and have a plan on what type of hairstyle you are going to do each day so it makes the process easier.

One question that often comes up when parents are talking about doing their daughter’s hair is how much of a say their daughter should have regarding the hairstyle. Your daughter should definitely have a lot of input in what her hairstyle is. You want to make sure that she is happy and comfortable with the hair style you give her. Obviously if she wants a super intricate hairstyle that you don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do, then you will have to do something else. Kids like to be able to express themselves and for many little girls they can do that through their hairstyle. The best advice is to give your daughter 2-3 options that you can practically do based on skill and time and let her decide. This way you are still the one making the decisions, but also letting her have a bit of control.

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