Tips for Finding the Best Hair Salon in Your Area

For many people, hair is a highly personal thing.  A good hairstyle can make a person feel pretty or handsome, and can build confidence, in an individual, unlike anything else.  If you have recently moved to a new town, and you are wondering how to find a new hairstylist, or if you are just in the market to find a new stylist, for one reason or another, then we have some ideas for you that you may wish to consider.  Finding a new hairstylist can be frustrating for some people, but with just a few simple tips, perhaps some of your stressful decision making can be alleviated.

For some ideas on how to locate a new stylist, the first thing that you may consider is “word of mouth” recommendations.  Even in today’s fast-paced society, there is nothing quite as suggestive or as strong as having a verbal recommendation for a particular service or supply.  Speak with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or someone else that you know, and ask them for recommendations for local hairstylists.  You may even see someone you don’t know, but you admire their hairstyle, and you can ask them where they go, locally, to get their hair done.  Most people like to be recognized for having a great haircut, and will gladly share this type of information with you.

Online reviews of specific salons and/or individual hairstylists are another great way to screen for a potential hairstylist.  On your own time, you can easily search for someone that will meet your needs, your hair cutting desires, and your hair budget, as well.  Online sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, are also great places to seek and search for local hairstylists that will fit your needs and your current wishes.

Some food for thought for you now.  If you are moving from one hairstylist to another voluntarily, then you may want your old stylist to provide you with some specific styling information that you can take to your new stylist.  For example, if there is a specific hair color that has been used on your hair, or if there is a unique trimming technique that works wonderfully on your hair, ask your current stylist to jot down specific information and ideas that you can carry to your new hair maintenance technician.

Another idea that can help you relate to a new stylist is to provide physical examples of hairstyles that you admire.  Perhaps you have an old photo of your own hair that was really enjoyable at one time, or maybe you have a clip from a magazine or an online photo of a model, that will be able to provide your new stylist with samples of the style that you are interested in and you would like to see for your own hairstyle.

As you meet a new stylist, it may be best to enter the new relationship slowly and cautiously.  For example, for your first appointment with the new stylist, consider getting just a light trim, a deep conditioning treatment, or even just a consultation visit.  This way, you can check out the new person, and get a feel for their hair styling techniques, without doing something dramatic, such as going from a long hair style to a short bob, or from a brunette to a bright blonde.  Once you get to know the new stylist, and build confidence in their abilities and in the good vibe that you have with him/her, then you can branch out and do some hair technique that is more involved and exciting.

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