Why You Should Use Flat Iron to Straighten Your Hair

Hair straighteningWhen it comes to looking good, the first thing a person will notice is the type of clothes and shoes one is wearing. Apart from these, one will also look at other key aspects of grooming such as the physical appearance, their teeth and hair. For woman, taking care of your hair is very important and key to looking presentable at all times. To take care of your hair, one component that is required is flat iron. Flat irons accomplish more than simply straightening your hair and the choices are in abundance, so it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re attempting to make sense of what kind to purchase Flat irons are ideal for making your hair smooth and straight. Besides that, they’re also extremely useful styling tools, which can be utilized to create different and unique hairstyles including waves, flips and curls.

Top flat irons feature cutting edge technologies and furnish the users with the best styling. They maintain higher, steadier temperatures, typically are equipped with temperature controls along with better quality plates and more often than not convey desirable results.

When purchasing a flat iron, it’s crucial to take into account the kind of your hair and its length. Hair that is thick and loaded with texture can be wiry, uncontrollable or prone to tangling. A quality hair straightening iron is a certain requirement for rectifying thick or wavy hair since it can withstand the high temperatures and latest technology to straighten without any harm.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to flat irons is Ceramic irons. This version of hair straightener has been on the market for years now. They get heated to optimum temperatures, and they remain so till you require them to. As many hair experts would see it, Ceramic irons are one of the best alternatives for styling your hair. However, it is advisable to opt for fully ceramic plates rather than ceramic coated plates as the latter implies lesser quality in terms of straightening.

There is a host of alternatives which you will come across when shopping for hair straighteners. For that, you will most likely require some guidance and suggestions, so that you know where to start. However, you don’t need to fret about which hair straightener is the best of you as you will find plenty of tips and information about flat irons




How to Select a Hair Iron

Hair IronWhen it comes to women makeup, making a choice on what works and what doesn’t is always not an easy task. One thing that makes women get notices is how their hair looks like. Selecting a hair iron is not simply about walking into the nearest store and walking out with one or ordering online after being impressed with its features. Rather it is all about the quality and texture of your hair and what would be ideally suited for it. This is one reason why hair irons are not standardized. In fact you will be amazed at the range on offer. It is always advisable to take professional opinion before investing in a hair iron if you are not sure what will be best for your hair.

Ceramic Type

The first point to consider is the texture of your hair. Stand in front of a mirror and let a bunch of hair slip through your fingers. How does it feel to the touch? Is it thin and fine hair? You will then need one of the ceramic flat irons that are simply the best when it comes to smoothing out hair and reducing frizz. The heat of ceramics hold very well and the plates can achieve high temperatures. Here too you have a choice and can choose between ones with ceramic plates, ceramic coating, and tourmaline coated plates. Tourmaline is a gemstone with all the properties of ceramic.

However, one thing has to be kept in mind, to look good, you must work with makeup professionals who know how to deliver on their responsibilities. It is always a good idea to seek help from professionals because they have the required expertise. Heated irons can scorch hair and make a mess of your effort.

People with thick and coarse hair should consider titanium flat hair irons. These heat up faster than ceramic irons and have the property to hold heat for longer duration. The metal also has an iconic charge and this helps to quickly smoothen out coarse and thick hair without having to repeatedly go through the same process.

Size of the hair iron also matters a lot. For short hair, small thin flat irons are just perfect while large and wide irons with a bigger surface is good for long and thick hair.The moot point here is that select and buys a hair iron after a lot of careful thought only.


Insider Facts of Using Hair Irons

Hair IronLet’s be real; Men and women all want to look good and attractive at all times. When it comes to women, the challenge is even higher. Women look forward at all times to look good in terms of how they dress and appear. One thing that women struggle with is keeping their hair in top condition. A hair iron is an integral part of any woman’s make-up gear but not knowing how to use it properly can turn out to be disaster. It’s a matter of proper care of hair so certain facts should be known on how to optimize proper use of hair irons.

Fact 1

Use hair iron only on dry hair. If you try styling on wet or moist hair, the chances are that your hair will be “fried”. This will make it brittle which over time can break and leave you with damaged hair. If you are in a tearing hurry, blow-dry your hair before applying heated hair iron.

Fact 2

There is a general misconception that putting hair iron on high temperature will hasten the straightening process. For example, you might be having an interview to attend with a salon to quickly look your best. So what do you do? You put the iron on maximum heat. This is totally wrong. The highest setting can literally “fry” your hair leading to discoloration and breakages. Even the curliest hair can be straightened out at 400 degrees. This is more so for chemically treated hair and   already damaged hair that should be handled gently.

Fact 3

Start the straightening process before the iron has reached the maximum heat setting. Begin from the front where the hair is not very thick and then go to the back of the head where the density of hair is most. By this time the iron should have reached the desired temperature. Applying maximum heat to the front of the head can turn hair brittle.

Fact 4

Do not keep a hot iron at one place on your head however stubborn the curls might be. Glide it repeatedly through your hair. If you are not getting the required results, bunch your hair into small layers and treat each of them separately. That way, only a small section of troublesome curls will be treated and the whole head will not be affected.

Keep these things in mind while using hair irons. Much as they help you look chic and classy, not using them with care can be disastrous for your hair.