Strategies to Win Against Price-Cutting Competitors

In a crowded marketplace like what businesses such as Woodbridge towing services find themselves in, it may seem that price wards are inevitable. However, slashing prices to beat the competition will hurt your credibility, brand image as well as margins. In life, we get what we pay for. Even if buyers try to convince you otherwise, they all understand this principle. Instead of racing your price-cutting competitors to the bottom, you can instead leverage your product’s strongest assets to create value that outweighs a lower price.

Here are notable factors you can apply to build a strong competitive advantage.


Stand by your premium pricing

It might seem controversial by charging a premium price and sticking to it despite market demands, but actually, that can be a competitive advantage. It is common to assume that all buyers will be making a purchase decision based largely on cost, but it is rarely the primary deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase. A prospect may lead you to believe that price is the only deciding factor, and that is not the case. Buyers will normally tend to be so skeptical when the price is too low. Instead, you should aim at standing with your premium pricing because of the quality and superior performance your product offers.


Sell Value not Price

Value, not price, is always the most crucial factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Having a valuable product is one thing, but having the ability to sell value is what will set you apart in a sea of cheaper competitors. To create value for your buyers, you will need to understand the unique standards and expectations your prospects have. You must understand what makes your product noble and stand among your competition. Use value as a competitive advantage and this will happen after you have customized your solution to meet all the demands of your buyers.

Master product delivery

Delivering is a key part of any successful business. In competitive industries, a company’s ability or failure to deliver a product or service promptly as agreed can make or break relationships with customers. When a prospect tells you they can get the same product or service at a cheaper price elsewhere, you need to ask them why are they then talking to you?  Never be intimidated. Stick to what works for you and at all times, ensure you can deliver to customer expectations, by meeting and exceeding them accordingly.


Practice helpful selling

By helpful selling, we talk of the ability to reach your prospects professionally, on their terms. Doing so is what guarantees the success of doing business today, in a competitive marketplace. Today, buyers are more in control of the sales process than ever before. With added control comes a decreased willingness to talk to salespersons if they don’t put the customer first. Today’s buyers understand the value and are willing to pay a higher price if you can guarantee they meet this value. Always delight your customers.

How to Invest in Your Employees

There is no business without employees. has been able to operate and serve customers seamlessly because of the efforts the founding team placed in recruiting the best talent and training employees to deliver to customer expectations. The people you employ are the engine of your business and are mandated to drive your business forward. They get your business from point A to Point B and even beyond. To drive fast and well, you must invest in your employees. The team you put in place will have a direct impact on the relationship you have with your friends, the quality of work you deliver and your ability to deliver work at the pace you need.


What it means to invest in your employees.

Investing in your employees means spending both time and money to ensure your members of staff feel valued and informed. When investing in your employees, your goal is to increase their engagements. Employees who are engaged will routinely exceed set expectations. They will feel they are contributing value to your business.

Here is the top of the reasons why you need to invest in your employees.


Achieve greater profitability

When you invest in your employees, they will feel empowered and given the resources they need to deliver to set expectations. They will feel motivated to achieve greater profitability. Companies that have highly engaged employees to register higher earnings per share and reap a lot of benefits from their investments.


Surpass current productivity

Research has shown that engaged employees work harder and deliver good results. Engaged ones outperform their less engaged ones by a margin of 200 percent. It is also important to factor in how to engage your employees. In most cases, two-thirds of employees’ experience burnout at work, and this can lead to compromised health and reduced productivity.

There are risks associated with the failure to invest in your employees. Some of these risks include;


Decreased client confidence

When employees leave, they will normally take the relationships they have built with your clients with them. To rebuild those relationships will take a lot of effort and resources. Employees can also leave leading to eroding confidence from clients you have. Always ensure you keep the turnover rate as low as possible.


 High turnover rate

As a business owner, you want to hire and retain the best people for your company. When you have disengaged employees, they will be more likely to leave, and if they do, they will take institutional knowledge with them. You will incur a lot of costs replacing them. With engaged employees, they are more likely to stay, and they will also help you to recruit other talents.


When employees are leaving your business, you will experience increasing hiring and onboarding costs. In addition to the efforts you put into recruiting and training, there are other soft costs associated with turnover. A lot of time and resources will be wasted in planning the whole human resource coordination and interview processes. To avoid all these issues, ensure you properly invest in your employees.